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Naturally manage stress and improve sleep

To live stress free is a practice in mindfulness and self-care. Join Shawna at Toast Society to learn simple and natural ways to manage stress and improve your sleep. When the body and mind are at ease, the body can heal and repair effortlessly.

Contact Shawna to let her know you are coming…if you invite a friend you will receive a free gift!

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6:00 PM18:00

Essential Oils For Anxiety and Stress

During this integrative and informational workshop, you will learn how to naturally manage stress. Stress is common in today’s fast paced lifestyle. When we do not take daily action to reduce our stress, become mindful, and slow down, the bubble will burst.

DoTERRA essential oils are known for the quality and potency. The usage of essential oils dates back centuries and are now become more mainstream because people are in need of natural solutions.

We hope you can join us for an informative and interactive class!

Please contact Shawna for details and directions.

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