Shawna Elliott is passionate about guiding everyone to awaken to their own inner greatness. As a young person growing up, Shawna had a deep desire to be a teacher and coach. That role took on many different forms and is now expanding into helping others to tap into their power within through the game of golf and natural wellness. This eagerness and drive to guide individuals has been drawn upon from her own life experiences. The understanding that the mind is powerful and creates shifts in perception of ones self and the world around them is ever present. Shawna’s mission is to provide a community of support which uplifts, encourages, and empowers everyone to be confident. Through her own uncovering and awakening to the gEssential oils, breathing, mediation, golf, and other forms of healing are all tools that Shawna teaches in order for you to come back home. Coming back to the freedom and aliveness that we were born with.

Coaching and teaching golf is one of the gifts Shawna loves to share with children and women. In times of change and uncertainty, golf was a way to let go and remember presence, peace, and the power within. As a golf coach, Shawna not only emphasizes the importance of fundamentals, but also how to truly swing with ease, flow, and power. Empowering girls and women to overcome self-doubt, self-sabatoge, criticism, and to learn to truly own their greatness is one of Shawna’s missions. Through golf, Shawna hopes to inspire girls and women to know their purpose while exposing them to a new way of living with confidence.

On the way to achieving any goal, it is important to have support. Whether it is creating a healthy, empowered lifestyle for you and your family, or learning a new skill like golf, Shawna is ready to lead you towards your goal.

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