Welcome to Whole in One, a community dedicated to providing support, education, empowerment, and healing for women. My why for creating this movement and community that allows women to truly uncover their greatest desires and fears that have held us back from truly living a life of freedom. Free from fear, free from anxiety, free from worry, free from stress, and most importantly to live a life from our truest self. Each individuals journey to true wellbeing in mind, body, and spirit is unique, intimate, and personal.

Today we are bombarded with physical stress, mental stress, environmental stress, and nutritional deficiencies. Stress can build up when we are constantly going, doing, and being without having daily self-care habits. Incorporating essential oils daily allows the build up of external and internal stressors to be processed and released. Detoxifying the body internally with lemon or with vitamins allows you to feel more graceful, in control, and self-love. Self-care is an act of self-love which opens the doors to an inner fulfillment and confidence. The lifestyle that doTERRA provides is truly one from genuine care, comfort, and the knowing that you have full control and safe tools to thrive in life, rather than surviving.

Essential oils have always been what I used on a daily basis, but as I began to really understand areas of my being that needed healing, did I truly realized the gifts I had at my finger tips. While on this journey, I have come to realize the empowerment, freedom, and peace doTERRA represents. The feeling of knowing how to truly naturally thrive and take care of yourself and family is beyond words. The simplicity and powerful tools doTERRA has created has inspired me to share with you. Essential oils are not the sole solution to everything, but simply a gateway to open to the potential of living with true health and empowerment from the inside out. The journey is an evolving process, but I am here to provide support for you in your own process towards true wellbeing. You are not along or broken, but just in need of the tools and support to thrive in all aspects of life. Together we can heal, step into a life of freedom, and live with purpose.

If you are eager to learn how you can be your own healer, guru, best friend, then join me for the upcoming wellness workshops. I will educate you on how doTERRA is different, why oils are safe and effective, but most importantly how you can start to love on all parts of yourself.

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Ready to learn how you can naturally manage anxiety, let go of self-limiting patterns, and live a life free of stress…great! Me too…we are in this together.

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Did you know that essential oils have been used for hundreds of years to cure and heal the body? In the last few years many are turning to and seeking natural alternatives for healthcare solutions. Essential oils have been becoming all the rage for good reason. People are taking their health into their own hands and tuning into what nature has provided us. Unfortunately, the essential oil industry is not regulated and can be misleading if you are not using oils from a source that is 100% certified pure therapeutic grade. Thankfully, doTERRA essential oils are the most trusted and pure oils in the world. It is hard to believe that a company is as amazing as doTERRA, but it truly is.

The quality and passion behind the oils and communities they are impacting is truly inspiring. Personally, I have been using essential oils for a few years. After having reactions to antibiotics for a minor infection, I finally turned to my oils and began to heal from the inside out. Little did I know that these little bottles provide so much more than nice smells and aromas. They provide empowerment, community, connection, wellness, and most importantly a sense of love and wellbeing inside. Everyday I am able to care for myself and my family with confidence. Come learn, experience, and fall in love with the natural power of essentials oils. Our Team Revolution is excited to welcome you with open arms and hearts. Have you woken up in the middle of the night with a stomach upset? Needed something to soothe a sore back from a long day? Have trouble sleeping or decompressing from the week? Join me for our upcoming wellness workshops to weather proof your wellbeing this winter!


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